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AMK offers a variety of Groups.
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*ALL Groups Are Virtual At This Time*

Confidence & Connections: A Teen Workshop to Increase Interpersonal Skills and Decrease  Social Anxiety
Workshops starting in August *Email [email protected] to register

1 in 3 teens experience some form of social anxiety. Inter-Acting works to build confidence through connections. Our workshops were created by our Clinical Director and lead by MTVs Ryan Kelley. Each 50 min virtual workshop helps teens build social connections, strengthen their communication skills, interact meaningfully with peers and reduce general and/or social anxiety. This workshop offers a neutral space for teens to develop their social confidence and feel successful with their interactions.

Ryan Kelley gets participants engaged through quirky discussion prompts, cooperative exercises, and lots of humor. There is a “theme” for every session, i.e., “how to handle rejection,” or “non-verbal communication,” but the program is designed to be adaptive and dynamic, and we don’t stick to a script.

Fees: $35 a session (discounts offered for multiple sessions)
Leader: Ryan Kelley in collaboration with Abbie Kelley

Trust the Process Group: “To be seen, to be heard, to be understood.”
Waitlist for the Fall *Email [email protected] to get on the waitlist

A process group for Black and Brown girls ages 12-18, addressing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy preventing brown girls/young women from speaking on concerns and emotions. This group is designed to provide structure for young brown girls struggling with social interaction during the global pandemic along with consistent Black Lives Matter (BLM) media controversy. This group is to provide girls with a safe place to process cultural concerns, development of healthy racial self-identity, family dynamic, consensual validation, social and racial injustice. Members are encouraged to utilize this group to network and connect with each other, to pose questions and support each other. 
Fees: BCBS PPO or $35 a session
Leaders: Te’ara Hicks & Jasmine Lucas