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Our Approach & Values

Wherever you are in life, whatever the challenges you’re facing, we are so glad you are here.
We recognize the courage that it takes to take a first step to start therapy. Whether you are a parent noticing your child is struggling with anxiety or an adult navigating depression, it can feel vulnerable to reach out for therapy.

At AMK, we value the trust and commitment given by our clients. We utilize a compassionate approach to therapy that focuses on increasing self-awareness, coping skills, and personal growth. We also hold a strong commitment to on-going learning in effort to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ members and communities of color. Our clinical approaches are evidence-based and focused on helping you and/or your child navigate mental health more effectively. We currently offer virtual and in-person services.

Our Work


Our therapists are skilled at facilitating change and helping clients make meaningful shifts in their lives. We work with clients of all ages. We do this through individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and group therapy.

Speaking Events & Workshops

Our team has experience doing speaking events and conducting workshops. We cover a variety of topics. Please reach out if you would like more information.

Community Partnerships

We, the staff at AMK Counseling, support the movement of interrupting inequitable systems in our greater Chicago community. We are committed to continued activism, learning, listening, supporting and serving not only our individual, family and couples clients, but also our community at large. As a result, AMK is committed to extending services to under-resourced communities.

Professional Development

AMK offers a variety of trainings for professionals in the counseling field. Our team is committed to not only our own growth and continued learning, but to the field at large.

Common Areas of Struggle

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Monthly Insights

Become the Hero of Your Own Journey

At AMK Counseling, we strive to get down to the root of what’s negatively impacting your life and find realistic, practical solutions to your problems. We want to empower you to thrive on your own by equipping you with the skills needed to live a fulfilling life.