Therapy can be meaningful, life changing and empowering.  It all begins with the right therapist.  AMK is known and respected in the community for offering superior care.  Our clinicians have extensive expertise working with clients to heal and grow.  We work in partnership with our clients to develop the best approach for treatment.  All of the clinicians at AMK utilize evidence-based treatment models to best service our clients.  Our practice is located in the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Our services for emerging adults and young professionals begins with a phone robbins
consultation to explore your intentions for treatment.  When you call AMK you will be speaking directly with one of our clinicians, a licensed individual who offers support and compassion above all else.  We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other effective approaches to drive goals and the course of treatment.  You can expect an intimate, collaborative process between you and your therapist.

Our services for kids and adolescents begins with a phone consultation with one or both caregivers in the child’s life.  You will speak with a clinician to explore both your child’s needs and struggles.  A session with the child/teen and at least one of the caregivers will be scheduled.  AMK_pic After the initial session, a course of treatment will be recommended and parent involvement will be discussed.  Collaboration with your child’s school and/or other medical professionals is also strongly encouraged.  Therapists at AMK regularly attend school meetings and have strong relationships with schools/staff in the area.

If you have any questions regarding our services please visit our Services & Specialties page.

aldousWe invite you to contact us at 773-413-9523 for a phone consultation to discuss your needs and concerns.  You may also email our therapists individually (found in the ‘about us’ page) or contact our general email at