AMK Counseling

What to Expect

During the initial session we will discuss your struggles and strengths as means to establish clear goals for therapy. If you are the parent of a potential client we ask that you attend the initial session with your child and will maintain regular communication with you throughout the course of your child’s treatment. AMK therapists work to empower our clients to learn and apply new skills. Skills are not always concrete skills. Often times, the skills introduced in therapy are cognitive skills intended to create shifts in thinking and behaving.

As progress is made towards the goals, therapy appointments will decrease in frequency and we will work towards a completion session. It is not uncommon for clients or parents of clients to remain in contact with their therapist even after therapy has completed. This communication is often important for continued success and is offered at no additional fee. Additionally, it is not uncommon for clients to come back several months later for a ‘refresher’ session once therapy has completed.

We invite you to contact us to discuss our therapeutic approach in order to help you make the best decision for treatment.

At AMK Counseling, we empower clients to overcome struggle, with…

  • A personal approach. To directly support clients, with an individual treatment plan that introduces new skills and gives effective tools to navigate life’s challenges on the road to full adulthood.
  • A pact. To walk alongside clients, parents and children on their treatment journey, restoring function in client’s lives and pointing out progress along the way.
  • A partnership. To work together with our clients and the team of people invested in his/her health and well-being.
  • A promise. To help return a client to themselves, with their best interests in mind.